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Sicilian Producers Association


1. What?

    - Product

The Association, a nonprofit, was created to promote, nurture and endorse the traditional and local foods of Sicily and Southern Italy. Ancillary activities will support the environment, tourism and all food and wine production within the area.
It intends to cooperate with the regions companies that produce DOP, DOC, ITG, organic and/or natural including those recognized by the Slow Food Association, Regional Departments and from the Ministry of Agriculture.

    - Operational Implementations

To develop its objectives the Association will make use of:

  • 1. Website (showcase containing all companies and their products);
  • 2. E-commerce B2B;
  • 3. On line and physical catalogues in foreign languages;
  • 4. Participation in Food trade shows;
  • 5. Promotions and tasting in restaurants, five star hotels, retail chains, and importers;
  • 6. Direct trade missions with GDO, importers and brokers;
  • 7. Incoming and promotional Sicilian with specialized operators;
  • 8. Promotional material;
  • 9. Technical, legal and logistic assistance for import operations;
  • 10. Deposito comune, logistics management in the US and Hong Kong for the distribution and sale of products in that country..

    • - Customer and market segment
  • a. Large retail organization (GDO);
  • b. Importers and Distributors;
  • c. Caterers;
  • d. Gift Companies and Gift Basket;
  • e. Italian communities abroad;
  • h. Families and individuals;

    • - Plan Development;
  • a. Development of foreign markets USA and Hong Kong in particular;
  • b. Development of e-commerce;
  • c. Promotions and tastings;
  • e. Development of a commercial network;
  • f. Supply of custom display cases;
  • g. Italian corner creations within (GDO);

  • 2. With whom ?

    Il The directors of the association is composed of:

  • - Paul Licata - President
  • - Silvia Lo Castro
  • - Massimiliano Geraci

  • Supporting members of the Association:

  • - Artisan Companies;
  • - Gastronomic Companies;
  • - Quality Groups;

  • The structure of the Association will have the following features:

  • - The costs will be managed with a percentage exclusively on sales made;
  • - Agile, dynamic and flexible Operation in order to meet a market in continuous development;

  • 3. Where ?

    The registered office is in Salemi (Tp)

  • Foreign office, warehouse and sales office Boston USA;
  • Foreign office, warehouse and sales office in Hong Kong;

  • The strengths are:

  • No fixed costs, but exclusively tied to sales made;
  • Functional and operative locations;
  • Extensive experience in sales abroad;
  • Perfect knowledge of import issues;
  • Managing the labeling of products in foreign language;
  • Knowledge of the market;
  • Direct knowledge of the main importers;

  • 4. When ?

    Date of departure: June 2014

    5. Method ?

    The methods of work and trade policies will be initiated through a market survey.
    Contacting the clients will be organized through steps that will be structured by reports and on-site verification.
    The goal is to customize a more effective approach for getting referrals.
    To achieve this we will be using advertising systems supported by brochures, catalogs, word of mouth, tastings and technical meetings.